ATO Valentine Luncheon February 9, 2013

This article and pictures were published in the May-June 2013 edition of the Early Bird Magazine


Since February 14th fell on a weekday this year, the ATO decided to have our 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Brunch on Saturday prior to the actual holiday. Carol Rosa once again did an outstanding job planning this very popular event for our ATO club as well as our sister club, the Capital City TBird Club with their 4 seater TBirds. The venue was the Steiner Ranch Steakhouse overlooking the beautiful Lake Travis in the gorgeous Central Texas Hill Country.  From the second floor dining room reserved for the club, the usually spectacular view of the lake was marred this year by the drought.  The lake is less than half full, and the normally vast expanse of water looked more like a meandering stream.  The hills, valleys, and water still make a breathtaking view, and clearly spurred the appetites of the club members.

The steakhouse folks love to have us come to their establishment, because they not only love to see our Lil’ Birds parked in the specially marked off spots in front of the entrance, but they love the customers that our cars draw to the restaurant as well. There were many looky-loos enjoying the TBird sights that day.  Even the restaurant staff took a few minutes to go out and look over the cars.  We had a total of 34 folks attending and about 18 TBirds. It was a sight to behold.

Following the lunch, there was plenty of time for “under hood” discussions with the exchange of tech tips and tbird experiences as the group adjourned to the parking lot.  The waiting groups of tbird admirers were full of questions about each of the cars.  The men “talked torque” while the ladies discussed the finer points of owning and maintaining classic cars.  Finally, with all the problems solved and all the questions answered, the gentlemen (and ladies) started their engines and bid adieu to each other and the crowd.

As usual the food was excellent, the TX. Weather perfect, and the camaraderie and friendship were second to none.