Belated 80th Birthday for Elvis Aaron Presley and Jean Blaha Davis Feb. 2015

                              Jean Davis and Elvis

What do Elvis and CTCI member Jean Davis have in common?  Both Elvis Aaron Presley and Jean Blaha Davis were born on January 8. 1935.  And both were born in Lee County. But Elvis’ Lee County is in Mississippi, and Jean’s Lee County is in Texas!

In addition to these wonderful facts, Elvis is well known at CTCI, and so are Jean and her husband Waymond Davis.  When the Davises retired, they moved from Dallas to Dime Box, Texas, and have at home there two Thunderbirds – a ’56 acquired in 1975, and a ’57, acquired in 1977.  They are members of nearby Austin Thunderbird Owners organization.

While they were still in Dallas, they had met Don Hyde and subsequently joined (and still belong to) the Big D Little Birds.  There they had completed a “frame-off” restoration on his ’56 T-Bird with the help of other member’s expertise and labor.  Waymond served two terms as a CTCI Regional Director and both Davises are instantly recognized at CTCI National and Regional Conventions, such as the recent Springfield Convention last July. Waymond had just completed chemotherapy and was pronounced free of cancer.  Jean was ready for that good news and a long-awaited celebration of her (and Elvis’s) birthdays was planned.

The evening of February 28th 2015 was selected as the date for a Belated 80th Birthday Celebration for Elvis and Jean, to be held at the S.P.J.S.T. Hall in Dime Box.  This Hall is one of the old time dance halls for which Texas is famous.  The dance floor was freshly sanded for the event to facilitate the fun dancing.  Display tables were set up.  Jean’s wonderful photo albums, which included early photos of Jean and of Thunderbirds, were on display.  There was a vast array of Elvis memorabilia, complete with lots of confetti, and even a life-size cardboard Elvis. There was a lovely cake with Jean’s picture on it. Delicious!  And sharing in the birthday celebration, Elvis had a cake with his photo.

Jean's Cake     Elvis' Cake

Over 400 guests were in attendance to celebrate this special occasion. Friends from all around the state, and even from beyond its borders, were there.  There were CTCI members present from the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas.  Although Dallas was still snowed in, Big D Little Bird members were able to break out of the ice to attend. Dime Box is not a huge town by Texas standards, but most of its inhabitants were present too.  And one T-Bird couple came all the way from Mississippi.

The guests thoroughly enjoyed snacks and a sumptuous meal, including delicious steaks barbecued on the S.P.J.S.T. grounds.

And then there was Elvis.  Elvis was in the Hall!  He came with his band, and he was in very good voice!, especially when he sang “Happy Birthday” to Jean.  What a special moment.

Elvis sings Happy Birthday to Jean

Jean and Waymond led off the dancing as Elvis and his group, bathed in multi-colored lights, performed all the favorite “Elvis Hits”.  Guests danced the evening away.

Elvis and his band

Elvis and his band

This double birthday celebration was one for the books. “Elvis” was special and looked every bit the part. However, one guest did run up to another guest departing in his classic Thunderbird and, with camera in hand, proclaimed:  “My son says ‘Enough of Elvis, I want photos of the Thunderbirds’.”  Different strokes!

Submitted by Johanna Hoiseth, CTCI no. 35790 and Gerard B. Rickey, CTCI no. 11503

List of CTCI Attendees

Duckie and Dennis Baetz  (Houston club)
Rick and  Pat Schumer (Former Austin Club)
Roger and Mary Mellum  (Houston, Club)
Pam Dostel and daughter  Natalie  (former Houston club)
Lance & Pam Herrington   (Houston)

Big D Club:
Karen & John Dendy
Ernie & Jan Phillips
Sidney & Julie Thompson
Allan & Valerie Hastings
Paul & Judy Grinager

San Antonio Club
Pocahontas & Walt Cole
Buzz Durio
Ken & Troy Rowe
George & Lillian Kiolbassa
Houston guests C.E. & Del Boyd

Charlie & Artie Froelich - Mississippi

Austin Thunderbird Owners
Gerard Rickey
Merlin & Johanna Hoiseth
Phil & Kathy Sobey