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Links to Classic Car Events Car Clubs and activities that may be of interest


Austin American Statesman video on Austin Thunderbird Owners featuring Rick Rosa, Merlin Hoiseth & Carole Mills

Link to video:  ATO video


Minnesota Car Show
Every year, the Minnesota Street Rod Association sponsors a "Back to the '50's" car rally.  Last year they had over 12,000 cars participate.  Here is a link to a video of the last event.

Back to the '50's Car Rally


Car Clubs and Events

Motor Austin, Links to car clubs and car events in Austin:

Hill Country Studebaker Club 

San Antonio Classic Thunderbird Club:

Big D Little Birds:

Classic Thunderbirds of Houston:

Thunderbird Southwest Timeless Texas Classics (Lance Herrington) SH 71 e. of LaGrange:

Mustang Owners Club of Austin, TX:

Giddings Swap Meet, Lee County Fairgrounds, US 290, 3 mi. w. of Giddings, last full weekend in August: