CTCI Convention, Springfield, Missouri, July 1-6, 2014

2014 Classic Thunderbird Club International Convention:

Austin Thunderbird Owners club members John and Brenda Shriver and Merlin and Johanna Hoiseth took a drive in their classic Thunderbirds up to Missouri, for the 2014 Classic Thunderbird Club International Convention on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri.  John, Brenda, Merlin, and Johanna all got their kicks on Route 66.  John and Brenda won Second Place, 1956 Touring Subclass B.  Merlin and Johanna won Third Place 1957 Touring Subclass C.  The Indoor Concours was held in the Springfield Expo Center. There were 147 classic Thunderbirds judged plus another 30 or so, on display.  Merlin sent us some photographs from "60 Years of Kicks--on Route 66":



One Hundred Forty-seven classic Thunderbirds ready to be judged



Merlin and Johanna drove their Thunderbird over 625 miles  to reach the convention


Merlin and Johanna prepare "Betsy" for judging


Merlin Hoiseth and judges with "Betsy" a 1957 starmist blue


John Shriver with his red 1956 Thunderbird ready to be judged



John Shriver holds plaque for Second Place 1956 Touring, Subclass B


Merlin Hoiseth holds the Third Place 1957 Touring Subclass C award


John and Brenda Shriver with the Second Place 1956 Touring award


Johanna and Merlin Hoiseth of Burton, Texas with their Third Place CTCI award