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Thunderbird Videos

1955 Ford Thunderbird Commercial

Hi Folks!  My New Ford Thunderbird

1956 Ford TV Ad: Bing Crosby's Thunderbird!

Thunderbird, Lovelier, Livelier for '56

Ford Life Guard Door Latches

Commercial for 1957 Thunderbirds

Rosemary Clooney 78 rpm Christmas Card

Marilyn Monroe in a 1956 Thunderbird. Click  here

"The Most Perfect Dazzling Creature"  American Graffiti

"Thunderbirds" 1956 T-Bird music video by Quill songwriter "Fifty-Six"

Hatching the 1955 Thunderbird

Jeremy Clarkson looks at 1955 Thunderbird

the Battlebird

The Race That Changed Everything - Not a Tbird video, but about the beginning of the Ford Motor Co.

A 1956 Buckskin Tan Thunderbird is an instrument of murder in a Cinemascope movie starring Anthony Quinn, Debra Pagett & Ray Milland. click on link below for a video summary:

The River's Edge (1957)




In "Hot-Rod Girl", a Drive-In B movie featuring Lori Nelson and Chuck Connors, Lori drives a 1955 Thunderbird beating an XK120 Jaguar.

The entire movie can be viewed (the first 5 minutes may be enough) at the following link:

Click here:  Hot-Rod Girl




The story of Alan Jackson's 1955 Thunderbird, "First Love"

Click here

Alan's song "First Love"

Snowshoe White



Bill Norkett flips his Thunderbird at Daytona Beach

Bill Norkett doing 130 mph flips a stock 1955 Thunderbird at Daytona Beach in 1957.  A deputy sheriff cut his seat belt and Norkett walked away.

For a one minute video click here


Austin Thunderbird Owners, a chapter of Classic Thunderbird Club International since 1972, encourages the admiration, ownership, care and maintenance, of the 1955, 1956, and 1957 classic two-seater Ford Thunderbird automobile. 


Classic Thunderbird Club International

CTCI Chapters - Region 5 (South Central)

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1955, 1956 and 1957 Thunderbird Invoices

Mail Thunderbird Invoice requests to:

Original Factory Invoices, 1310 E. 29th St., Signal Hill, CA 90755

All 1956 and 1957 invoices and some 1955 invoices - from Serial No. 232214 on are kept by C.T.C.I..  The original invoice will be provided when available.  Ordering details are found at the following link:

Click:  here



The Classic 1957 Ford Thunderbird Body Colors

Real cars in their real colors



Interesting that there were two gunmetal gray colors for 1957.  Have you ever seen a 1957 azure blue?  There is a photo of a starmist blue next to an azure blue.  I may have seen an azure blue and just assumed they got the color wrong.


Good find... Azure Blue was a correct color on cars made after Sept, 1957. The 1958 models were coming out, and Ford chose to use those colors on the late 57 TBirds.

I have seen a couple Azures in person, and it is a beautiful blue. However, I prefer the Starmist Blue that you have.

Rick Rosa


From a Ford brochure depicting the 34 Two Tone color combinations available when ordering a 1957 Thunderbird (preserved on the Thunderbird Registry website):

Click:    here



The Peter Lawford Thunderbird

A 1956 Thunderbird was purchased new by Peter Lawford specially painted by the factory in Pine Ridge Green (a 1956 Ford passenger car color).  On December 8, 2011, that car was purchased on ebay for $17,900.00.  Remnants of the green paint could be seen in the photo of the engine compartment shown in the ebay file.  The original factory invoice reflects the purchaser as Peter Lawford, Desert Inn, Las Vegas, Nev.  Rather than being delivered, the car was driven away from the factory.


The other Peter Lawford Thunderbird

Peter Lawford purchased another Thunderbird new which he also ordered with special paint.  That 1956 Thunderbird was factory painted in Deep Gray, a Continental Mark II color.  For more information, click here.


This 1956 Thunderbird Crash Wagon saved lives.  Click here.


Dan Seals' "Bop"  (I want to ride in your 55 T Bird)

Click on 55 T Bird

John Hiatt´s best track, Thunderbird


Chuck Berry's "Jaguar and Thunderbird Ford"

Click on  T-Bird and Jaguar

The Beach Boys "Fun, Fun, Fun"

Go to: 'til her Daddy takes the T-Bird away

James/ Dean "Fire Red Thunderbird"

Click  Here 

"Black and White Thunderbird" by the Delicates

Click on Black and White Thunderbird

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, "Makin Thunderbirds"

Click on  Back in '55

Burt Sisters, "Rock and Roll Thunderbird"

Click on     Rock and Roll 

The Nightcaps (from Dallas)  "Have you heard, What's the Word, Thunderbird"

Click on   Thunderbird

Patsy Cline. "I love you Honey".  Recorded in 1956.  Lyrics don't contain the word "Thunderbird", but two '56 and one '55 appear in the video.  Click on:   Automobile

The Fabulous Thunderbirds, a group based in Austin, and their rendition of "My Babe".  Note the car on the T-Bird Rhythm album cover.

Click on:   My Babe

Lynn Howard and The Accents, "Red Thunderbird". (Lynn was the first artist to record "Walkin' After Midnight" - 1956.  Patsy Cline recorded it the following year.)

Click on:  Little T-Bird

Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, "Pink Thunderbird".  (Watch the pink '57 take off).

Click on:  Pink Thunderbird

Marc Cohn, "Silver Thunderbird".  "Don't you give me no Buick.  If there's a God in Heaven, He's got a silver Thunderbird".

Click on Silver Thunderbird